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  1.   The recent Russian Zapad wargaming exercises included a plethora of electronic capabilities demonstration and potentially more. Russia is known to recently been involved in illegal immigration efforts in Sweden, Finland, and Norway along with hostile intent along its northern borders (Estonia, Latvia, Lithuania) including cell/communication tower tampering. Could the recent Zapad exercises be more than […]
  2. References Adamy, D. (2001) EW 101 A First Course in Electronic Warfare, Boston: Artech House. Adamy, D. (2004) EW 102 A Second Course in Electronic Warfare, Boston: Artech House. Adamy, D. (2009) EW 103 Tactical Battlefield Communications Electronic Warfare, Boston: Artech House. Adamy, D. (2015) EW 104 EW against a New Generation of Threats, Boston: […]
  3. Hybrid warfare – conventional, irregular, terrorist, criminal Non-linear warfare includes those plus cyber, information, economic, diplomatic, political, cultural, religious, and social means Treadstone 71 on I24News Subvert the enemies social and political structure – political and social agitation, remove confidence in a system, sow seeds of discontent, pit brother against brother = create confusion and […]
  4. Chief of the General Staff of the Armed Forces of the Russian Federation / First Deputy Minister of Defence of the Russian Federation, General of the Army. Валерий Васильевич Герасимов Born      8 September 1955 (age 62) Kazan, Tatar Autonomous Soviet Socialist Republic Married – one son Russian hackers reportedly stole NSA data via Kaspersky Lab […]
  5. Syrian violations of sanctions with Russian FSB assistance to manufacture ballistic vests – Not discovered by any organization other than Treadstone 71 – No sensors, no aggregation of thousands of taps – Just hard-nosed open source collection and analysis Russian malware tied to BlackEnergy / Dragonfly embedded in PLC software at Delta Electronics Taiwan […]
  6. Post 9 – Abu Bahgat “Hatem Deeb” – Syrian Electronic Army Leadership – : The Facebook page of Hatem Deeb – August …
  7. Parts 3 and 4 of Post 5 - Syrian Electronic Army - SEA
  8. SEA emails - listings from Syrian Electronic Army Foot Soldiers Post 5
  9. Past report on Syrian Government collusion with Russia to bypass sanctions against Syria. This instance involves acquiring materials and machines to manufacture their own body armor in Latakia by way of the UAE where a Syrian soldier working with a female FSB agent centralize the acquisitions. Visas, passports, military IDs, fake names, bills of lading […]
  10. U.S. warns public about attacks on energy, industrial firms (Reuters) - The U.S government issued a rare public warning that sophisticated hackers are targeting energy and industrial firms, the latest sign that cyber attacks present an increasing threat to the power industry and other public infrastructure. The Department of Homeland Security and Federal Bureau of Investigation warned in a report distributed by email late on Friday that the nuclear, energy, aviation, water and critical manufacturing industries have been targeted along with government entities in attacks dating back to at least May.

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The Cyber Intelligence Training delivered and created by Jeff Bardin adds rapid returns to both Cyber Intel Analysts, and Security Ops Centers.  Each student receives quality instruction and hands-on experience with today’s OSINT tools and intelligence tradecraft.  This is necessary for anyone new to Cyber Intelligence and complimentary to any Security Operations within your enterprise. This 4.5-day class provides the student with the resources and fundamentals needed to establish cyber intelligence as a force as both a proactive offensive step and a counter intelligence-contributing arm of your larger team.  – Antonio, 

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